C3Dserver Software

The C3D file format is a public domain file format for accurately storing motion and other 3D data recorded various laboratory settings. Data stored in a C3D file can be exchanged and accessed by many different laboratories and many different applications. The C3D file format is supported by most motion capture ( and gait lab equipment manufacturers) including Bioengineering Technology & Systems (BTS), Charnwood Dynamics (CODA), C-Motion, Motion Analysis Corporation, Motion Lab Systems, Noraxon, Qualisys, and Vicon Motion Systems etc.

The Motion Lab Systems C3Dserver is a 32/64-bit C3D Software Development Kit (SDK) for Microsoft Windows™ environments that simplifies C3D file programming and data access by providing the user with high-level commands to create, modify and process. The C3Dserver is supplied with sample applications for Excel™, as well as source code for applications written in Visual Basic and C++.

The C3Dserver installation application can be downloaded at no charge and will install on all 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows from XP through Windows 10 using the standard Microsoft user environment.

The C3Dserver is available either as an evaluation version, or a faster version can be purchased for commercial or individual use. The evaluation version of the C3Dserver is free for all non-commercial applications and users. It includes full documentation, together with source code for sample applications. The only difference between the evaluation version and the commercially licensed versions of the C3Dserver is the speed of execution - the licensed versions of the C3Dserver run approximately 10-50 times faster (depending on your program implementation).

All programs built with the evaluation version can be run at high-speed by purchasing an inexpensive licensed version of the C3Dserver. The evaluation version does not expire and can be freely redistributed.