Commercial Applications

The C3Dserver is widely used and trusted for commercial C3D application development. First released in July 2001, it has become the easiest way to develop "bullet-proof" C3D applications quickly and reliably, that work with all standard C3D formatted files, in the Microsoft programming environment. Programming with the C3Dserver offers the following advantages:

Commercial applications developed with either version of the C3Dserver may be distributed with the free evaluation version of the C3Dserver provided that the use of the C3Dserver is documented and credited to Motion Lab Systems, Inc. End-users of applications developed with the C3Dserver may license a copy of the C3Dserver from Motion Lab Systems to enable the C3Dserver to run at full speed at their location.

Software using the C3Dserver must display the C3Dserver version number and registration status so that the users can verify the version of the software and registration status. The is no charge for redistributing the C3Dserver evaluation version provided that the version and registration status are displayed and our copyrights are respected.

A Commercial Demonstration

It's easy to write and distribute commercial C3D software using the C3Dserver - to demonstrate this we've developed a small C3D utility which is included with the C3Dserver installation. Ghost Remove is a commercial C3D application that opens any C3D file and allows the user to remove unwanted ghost 3D markers (markers without labels or marker labels with non-exist ant trajectories) as well as unused analog channels. Ghost Remove is distributed as a trial (or demonstration) application that can be registered independently of the C3Dserver registration status.

The basic Ghost Remove code was written in one day using .NET 3.5 and the 32-bit version of the C3Dserver. Ghost Remove is installed with an example C3D file that shrinks from 4.7MB to under 470kB when all of the unused 3D markers and analog channels are removed. A batch mode, and an additional "check box" to compress the parameter block for additional savings, are available when the Ghost Remove is registered. Registration for the application is independant of the C3Dserver registration.